What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a resourceful social and economic arrangement in which consumers and farmers share responsibility for producing, delivering, and honoring food. CSAs create an opportunity for communities to actively participate in their social and ecological relationships by sustaining their own local farm and farmers. In practice, the CSA partnership fosters mutual respect and support between a community of eaters and a community of farmers.

Community Supported Agriculture allows members to make a connection to the land and a commitment to environmentally sound food production.

CSA connects the
FOOD one eats, the LAND where it is grown, and the FARMERS who grow it.

A shared commitment
By purchasing a CSA share, you enable your farmers to focus our time, energy, and expertise on growing life-giving food for people we know. With a market and bottom line secured, growing decisions stem from what’s best for the land and the community rather than from the dictates of impersonal economics. In return, you and your family will enjoy a weekly harvest of fresh, clean, and healthy produce, grown by farmers who truly value your investment, your community, and your holistic well-being. 

Member benefits
Great tasting, sustainably-grown vegetables are the most obvious benefit to being a CSA member. In addition, our members will rediscover intimacy with seasonal and regional eating, which means less money spent on foods grown on distant farms and less resources used to ship this food many miles to your plate. Vegetables are at their most nutritious when freshest, and your share is always harvested day of pick-up.

Community Supported Agriculture keeps your food dollar within the local economy and out of the hands of transcontinental trucking limes and distributors. All these benefits culminate in your contribution towards a more sustainable food system within our community and the state of Georgia.

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