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It’s recommended that you should always conduct your own investigation when you are it comes to buying products on the internet. This also means purchasing products sold or promoted on this website.

Monetary Connection

Except if we have stated otherwise, you should at all times presume that when products are made reference to, it’s because there is a material relationship between the webmaster and the providers of the products and services displayed.

Reviews and Suggestions

The owner of this website will suggest products based on a good faith belief that such products or services will benefit the person obtaining it. The owner has good faith belief, due to the fact that he/she has either tried out the products prior to giving any recommendations, or the owners have studied the products based on the manufacturer’s background. The recommendations about the items are honest feelings based on facts known to the webmaster at the time a product or service is mentioned on the site.

The owner of this website has conducted everything possible to check the feedback that appears on this site. They’re seen as typical user satisfaction based on the details available at the moment of publishing them. Reviews were made to verify their reliability every time. If a statement sounds untrue then the owners regard this as such and do not submit it on the site. Where extracts have been displayed from other reviewers, discussion boards, and other consumer comments, these are in no way to be seen as verifiable results. All site visitors are strongly advised to do their own due diligence before making a purchase displayed on this website.

Our intention is to be totally honest all of the time. If however you find anything shown on this website, which you don’t agree with, then please email us immediately and we will look into it. We have the right to remove the publication of any product or service that does not live up to our high levels of satisfaction without prior notice. Honesty and trustworthiness is essential for us.

Affiliate Compensation

This website utilizes affiliate links to help pay for the cost of operating this website and earn a little extra . What this means is that if you hit some links on HTTP://WWW.FULLMOONCOOP.ORG/, it might result in a commission that is given to this website if you purchase the product.
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Compensation Bias

The owners’ opinion about a product or service may be formed in part on the fact that the owner might get commissions for the service or product. The type of the relationship is enough to establish a financial connection between the owner and the provider. There will be instances where the webmaster will not get commissions relating to the products on this site. You should presume that the webmaster has a material partnership with the service or product suppliers, because the webmaster has has received or will probably receive something of monetary worth from the supplier. You should at all times undertake your own due diligence before purchasing a product or service included on this website.